We believe that children naturally learn through play.

By engaging in play, they are making sense of their world.

Guided play is self-chosen, enjoyable, and process-oriented. These opportunities are experiences that are child-directed and teacher-facilitated in which teachers take an active role as intentional planners, observers, and guides.

Our environment is a teacher and we supply everything a child needs to explore, engage, create and cooperate.

We are passionate about supplying a safe, enriching and nurturing place for our students to learn while they play.

The Preschool on Broadway uses a Montessori approach to early education emphasizing self-directed and self-motivated growth. Our approach fosters intellectual, physical, and social development. The philosophy is grounded in nurturing each child's innate desire for knowledge, understanding, and respect, with a focus on developing well-rounded life-long learners.

We are currently enrolling 3-5 year olds for both full and part time slots. Please contact Amanda at thepobtownsend@gmail.com

or call or text 406-558-9904 for more information or to schedule a tour.

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